"When Things Fall Apart: Resilience, Contingency Planning and the new Code of Practice for Power System Emergencies”
London, New York, Argentina, Venezuela... this year has been a busy one for “blackouts”. This presentation will address how South Africa addresses contingency planning - including the new industry Code of Practice for Power System Emergencies (NRS048-9) approved by NERSA. 
  • Have we learned anything?
  • Unveiling the “secret” of Stage 8 load schedules.
  • Why not all blackouts are created equal?
  • How load shedding keeps us safe... 
The talk will not be about legitimising the cause for load shedding, but how the power system is protected and related contingency planning as well as the underlying principles, which were developed with Municipal and EIUG stakeholders. We specifically address critical and essential loads in the Code of Practice (water, hospitals, metro rail), and the protection of the automatic under frequency scheme (which activated in England). This is part of “keeping us safe”. 
It is “in essence” an ISO view - although much of what happens during load shedding is executed by Distribution / Municipalities, which will also touch on in this talk.
The presentation will provide an overview of where we are, where we need to be, and some thoughts on the future.

Presenter: Robert Koch
Senior Manager: Enterprise Resilience
Group Risk & Sustainability
Eskom Holdings SOC Limited

Robert Koch heads Eskom’s resilience programme and is an advocate for coordinated, inter-disciplinary disaster planning. 
He has chaired several international working groups (GO15, Cigré, and IEC), and led the development of the national regulatory Code of Practice for Power System Emergencies. His team has coordinated the planning and incident response for major incidents in Eskom’s recent history and undertakes large simulation exercises. 
Robert has a Masters Degree In Electrical Engineering and is deeply curious about complexity and resilience thinking. He is the recipient of national and international awards from the SAIEE, Cigré, IEC, and the Institute of Risk Management. 

DATE: Tuesday, 15 October 2019

TIME: 17:30 until 20:00

Join us for refreshments and networking before the Energy Rendezvous kicks-off

VENUE: Eskom Megawatt Park
               2 Maxwell Dr

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