SANEA in partnership with the Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust (DBREV) are hosting an evening meeting at which 4 young researchers will discuss their research projects using the approach of
“What my research means for Society”
The 4 young researchers and their research topics are:
Kyle Swartz – REIPPPP’s Socio Economic Development Potential
Chantelle Janse van Vuuren – Incorporating Wind & Sun – Energy for the Long Run
Giresse Franck Noudjiep Djiepkop– Reconfiguration of a Feeder Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources to benefit a Power Utility and Society
Rissa Niyobuhungiro – Cleaner Production Approach to Roadside Catering in Urban Africa

The meeting will be moderated by Dave Wright, Secretary General of SANEA and Davin Chown, Chair of SAPVIA will open the meeting with introductory comments.
Each researcher will be given 10 minutes to explain the benefits of their research, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.
Brief Background on the Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision (DBREV) Trust

Dr Doug Banks was a remarkable man. A mechanical engineer by training, his goals centred on a deep wish to make a difference to the lives of ordinary people on the African continent by providing access to safe, clean, sustainable energy sources. He will be remembered for his fierce intellect and his integrity, his attention to detail in all that he did, and especially for the interest he had in mentoring students and interns. It is this quality of Doug’s that inspired the founding of DBREV.
The main objective of the DBREV Trust is to develop intellectual capacity and skills in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Access in Southern Africa. To further this aim, DBREV seeks to attract, identify and mentor bright, capable young people who are interested in contributing to this goal.  Successful applicants are awarded a Scholarship in support of their Masters degree. In this way DBREV aims to produce confident professionals to address Africa’s future energy needs and in doing so create a living tribute to Dr Doug Banks and to carry forward his vision and work.

DATE: Wednesday, 16 May 2018

TIME: 17h30 for 18h00 until 20h00

Join us for refreshments and networking before the Energy Rendezvous kicks-off!


               Energy Head Office: Bloemhof

               1 Bloemhof Street


               Cape Town

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COST: Free attendance for all SANEA Stakeholders!
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