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The World Energy Council

The World Energy Council is the foremost global multi-energy organisation in the world today. The Council has Member Committees in over 95 countries, including most of the largest energy-producing and energy consuming countries. Founded in 1924, the organisation covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, and renewables, and is UN-accredited, non-governmental, non-commercial and non-aligned. The Council is a UK-registered charity headquartered in London. Its objective is the promotion of sustainable supply and energy use to the greatest benefit of all. The Council therefore addresses our most fundamental need for survival, namely ENERGY.


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In its capacity as the South African Member Committee of the Council, SANEA is positioned to provide an important service to SANEA members. SANEA is the vital connection between South African energy interests and the global network of Council members.

SANEA is authorised to access the various studies and programmes of the Council and extract relevant knowledge and learning for adaptation and application in the South African context.

Equally well, by actively engaging in the work of the Council SANEA is able to inject South African perspectives and experiences, creating global awareness of the opportunities and challenges available in the South African Energy Sector.

The World Energy Council knowledge networks offer enriching information for all participants and are a source of global intelligence for all who actively engage.

This global resource is an intrinsic part of SANEA membership, at all grades, and there is no additional fee.


The World Energy Council organizes a world congress every three years. This congress, the premier international multi-energy forum with exhibitors from the field, is an opportunity for participants to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. It brings together more than 3 500 top world leaders in the field of energy, representing industry, governments, and international organizations, as well as the media, universities and energy industry associations.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 2019

The 24th World Energy Congress will be hosted in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates during October 2019.

Information and links will be provided as and when they become available