You are welcome to nominate candidates in more than one category. Kindly submit a separate nomination form, together with supporting documentation for each nomination.

The closing date is 31 MAY 2017!

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   SANEA Energy Award
   SANEA Energy Project Award
   SANEA Youth Leadership Award
   SANEA Energy Journalism Award
   SANEA Energy Education Award
   SANEA Recognition Award (SANEA members only)
   SANEA Service Award (SANEA members only)


   RERE Young Researcher Award
   RERE Commercial Application Award
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7. Please provide us with a motivation for this nomination. You have to provide us with no more than 1,000 words on why this Individual/Corporate should receive this award. Please be sure to refer to the criteria for the specific award category. *
8. Please provide us with a brief summary not to exceed 150 words, giving the main accomplishments for why the Individual/Corporate is being nominated for the award. This will be used as a further motivation during the review process, for promotion and media purposes and at the awards ceremony if the candidate is the recipient of the award. *
9. Please attach supporting documentation, such as Curriculum Vitae of Individual, publications, reports, etcetera.

Award Nomination Deadline:
All award nominations must reach the SANEA offices by 31 MAY 2017. All nominations will be evaluated by a panel of judges appointed by the Executive Committee of SANEA and SANEDI. The Board of SANEA will make the final decision regarding awards and no further correspondence will be entertained.
The finalists and recipients of the awards will be entertained at a prestigious banquet and awards ceremony hosted by SANEA on Friday, 15 September 2017 at The Maslow Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg.

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